Friday, April 28, 2017

Robbing Hood

Here's the kind of tax philosophy we were hoping to get from a people's president who promised to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.
... make corporations and the super-rich pay their fair share ... progressive taxation, shifting tax from individuals to corporations, taxing "bads" not "goods," taxing unearned income at the same rate as earned income, taxing speculation on Wall Street, and cutting corporate tax giveaways ... comprehensive tax reform to simplify the tax system ... eliminate loopholes and other exemptions that favor corporate and wealthy interests over tax justice ... Small business, in particular, should not be penalized by a tax system which benefits those who can "work" the legislative tax committees for breaks and subsidies. ... substantive and wide-ranging reform of the tax system that helps create jobs, economic efficiencies, and innovation within the small business community ... end "corporate welfare." 
Campaign promises from the Count of Mar-a-Largo? Possibly, but also an excerpt from the Green Party platform on Fair Taxation.
Photo by David Shankbone

In any case, Old Blowhard's negotiating opener on tax reform seems to be pushing in a direction egregiously in favor of corporations and the wealthy with a 1.5% tax reduction bone thrown in to mollify the middle class - a direction opposite to his campaign rhetoric.

N afta that, he swung around to leave in place the corporatist trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that will only perpetuate the poverty of laborers and further damage the environment.

These depredations will not stand. A free people will not be tricked for long by false populists before ousting them and adopting an honest and egalitarian party to lead the country.

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