Sturm und Drang

Stormwater Devices of Calvert County

On lower Tomahawk Trail in Chesapeake Ranch Estates
Entry pond not infiltrating quickly enough.
Brush is cut on lower pond by a nearby resident, otherwise it would look less maintained.

Behind the Community Health Building in Prince Frederick
Vegetation is cut well, but a gully has formed in the green area, where there should be infiltration and distribution of water flowing in from the inlet at the left side of this photo.

Buzzard's Row near the Prince Frederick Library
Water is standing more than 24 hours after a rain event not exceeding 1 inch. Erosion on the sunny slope.
Standing water and excessive growth in the forebay in the distance.

Behind some USDA offices in Prince Frederick
 On the right, you can see trees growing on the embankment. It looks like the landscapers have blown leaves into the pond. The amount of dead reeds exceeds the amount of live growth. Water is shallow and still enough for mosquitos to breed. Erosion is evident on the far slope. There is a steady flow from a pipe in the concrete wall.

In a new upscale neighborhood in St. Leonard

Due to shade, no grass is growing on the dam either side of the overflow outlet, and erosion is occurring. Drainage could be excessive. After a series of days when over 3" of rain fell, the surface is only moist rather than ponded.

Beside the Chesapeake Highlands Cemetery on Broome's Is. Rd.

This looks like an artificial wetland. Trees may need thinning. Surrounding turf is well maintained.

Across from the Post Office in Lusby

A wet pond with trees and shrubs (right) that will need to be removed soon.

At the Eastern End of the CRE Airstrip

Forebay to the right is full of water. It spills over the wall with the slightest rainfall. The outlet (upper left) of the main pond is holding back water from draining during dry days. Both bays are insufficiently infiltrating water (more than 2 days since receiving ~ 1" of rain).

At the Entry Road to Patuxent Elementary

Even less than 12 hours after a heavy rain, there was no water in this pond nearly void of herbaceous plants. The subsoil must be very sandy, like the bare bank shown in order for it to drain so quickly. This is not helping slow the flow of water as well as it should. The approximately one-sixth of the banks with bare spots like this should be replanted.

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