Monday, January 16, 2017

District of Dystopia

Veteran politician and civil-rights pioneer John Lewis dealt a masterstroke against the TRump administration going into the Martin Luther King, Jr. day weekend. Remembrances of King and the Freedom Marchers will be magnified today as Americans reflect on Lewis' sacrifices alongside the black Moses. TRump's reflective deficit disorder landed him in trouble when he retaliated against Lewis for passing on the inauguration. +Reince Preibus dug the hole deeper by calling Lewis' decision "insanity." If you think that's insanity, Reince, just wait until Friday.
Riot by Jean-Claude Dufourd

The word "inauguration" originates in the Latin inauguratio or "installment under good omens." Rest assured, there will be no such inauguration for TRump. Other than the no-shows by Democratic officialdom, other omens bode ill for the 45th President. The groundwork is already being laid with marches that began last Saturday and will continue through the week. VIPs coming from out of town this Friday morning may be excessively delayed on certain routes by Antifascists of D.C. (staging "breakdowns" in key traffic choke points?) as attendees motor in from the airports or Joint Airbase Andrews. Nearly one million demonstrators will swarm around the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue in organized, intentional chaos. Many of the protesters will attempt to block ticketed guests from entering the ceremony. Guests that make it in will have a hard time hearing anything above the din of jeers from the rabble.

Police and National Guard units expect to counter violent outbreaks, but they will be outnumbered about 25-to-1 by demonstrators, so they will have their hands full stopping several #DisruptJ20 incursions, security violations, and fights between pro- and anti-TRumpists. Bikers for TRump plans to position their hemorrhoidal heft in a "wall of meat" between their exalted TRump and the wailing hordes of protesters.

Terrorists can enjoy a day off on Friday watching the U.S.A. gnash on itself, not only in the Capital, but in hundreds of other cities across the country. Let's hope terrorists realize that it would be supremely stupid for them to interfere with this schism, because if and when they do conduct another large-scale terror attack in the U.S., the new battle cry will become #AmericanLivesMatter, and our collective outrage will override the divided polity on display in this most inauspicious inauguration.

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